Our Vision is to create a better life, hand in hand with the local community, through supporting who are in need to achieve a well-educated society that can contribute to the future of the new generation.

The mission:  IAN for development was founded to reduce ignorance, poverty, fight illiteracy and Promote comprehensive, integrated, equitable and sustainable economic and social development through: a)Enhance the citizen’s awareness and investing in capacities to participate in solving society’s problems; b) contribute to the development process; c) Promote social cohesion by creating an environment free from discrimination in all its forms; d) Work to develop human resources capacities and create job opportunities for youth; e) provide services to those who need them without racial, sectarian or ethnic discrimination.

IAN for development looks at its goals from the humanitarian perspective and from the development perspective. Our mandate is to support the local community with the necessary capacity to be able develop a shield of protection from the dilemmas.

IAN for Development is a supporter of gender equality and believes discrimination has to be stopped in all its aspects.

We gladly work under the Lebanese law regulations with its vision “hand in hand for a better life. “