Hand in hand for a better life

Donate to support People in Need !

Donations empower our programs with the capacity to proceed and reach more people supporting them hand in hand to improve their living and future.

volunteer with us

Far Away from luxury life, there are many social dilemmas in Lebanon that requires volunteers from the area to help us share our knowledge and spread the facts and face the myth

Empowering Socio-economic

working children and families under poverty line are IAN’s mandate to intervene with them improving their living.


We Support our youth with knowledge base to help them figure their future, look for chances and know more about business chances of their careers

Empowering women

Neglected women, working women, gender based violence, and violating women rights are IAN’s Mandate to raise a healthy community


Volunteering is an un-described feeling you will have when you see the results of your acts alive, volunteer with us to share knowledge and support our community

Raising Social Awareness

Fighting Myths, highlighting facts, social behavioral awareness and social networking and protection is our Mandate to raise our community to the next level of social awareness.

Environmental Awareness

Lack of enviromental awareness and highlighting the results of non-environment-friendly activities is one of the major dilemmas that our community is facing. IAN’s mandate is to raise awareness among the community and highlight environment friendly activities.

Lets Put Hand in Hand

and make a Better Future